Here are some tips that we have found after 3 years of having fun on the run weekend

    • Don’t attempt to hit the Expo as soon as it opens – The queues are generally crazy when it opens, if you do expect to be in a queue for at least an hour. We tend to hit it about 5:30 / 6pm when its a lot quiter. You should be able to walk straight in straight away.
    • Print your Race Voucher before you leave home – You can head straight in the expo that way. If you have to wait to print it – you will be waiting a LONG time – in 2018 the queues for printing were horrific and you have to have a physical printed voucher and your ID to get in the Expo and collect your bib.
    • Arrive on thursday if you can – Its WAY more relaxing to arrive the day before the first race. Collect your bibs, spend some time relaxing before the first race on friday night. Arriving friday day time can be a total rush and it does start to get busy with local people.
    • Park tips –  If you are doing the parks try and get your must do things on thursday, friday morning or monday. It starts to get really busy from lunchtime friday and saturday and sunday are manic busy.

    • Parking – If you are driving and planning on parking a charge of approx €15 is paid to cover the parking just for the duration of the race. If you are planning on staying in the park afterwards and you do not have an Annual Pass that includes parking, you will be expected to also pay a €30 a day parking charge. Have the cash as card holds up the busy parking line and you will not be popular.
    • Park Tickets & APs – If you haven’t got a package with park tickets an Annual Pass (known as AP)  is the cheapest option – the Magic Flex (silver) AP works out cheaper than 5 days of park tickets.  Silver pass and upwards all allow money off your store purchases (10%) .  If you have a Gold (Magic Plus) or Black (Infinity) pass you also get free parking and a discount on meals (starting at 10%) .. AP’s that work for the Run Weekend  start at €259 (or you can pay for it monthly with a direct debit)  – Full AP details can be found on the Annual Pass site.