2018 Medals

The 2018 Medals have been revealed and they really have pushed the boat out this year with the villans theme.

The kids races are themed around Stitch so he is the main feature of the Kids Race medal. The are still the lightweight rubber style which makes sense for the kids, but we are loving the design.

5k is Marvel villians so the theme is Thanos and the infinity stones – the lanyard features the Avengers logo and Thanos’ glove

10k is Disney villian side kicks and has a Hercules theme

The 21k (Half marathon) features a running Sorcerer Mickey with the Sleeping Beauty castle

31k challenge medal is Maleficent themed .. with the traditional disney villian purple and green themed lanyard

36k challange is all about the steampunk style mechanical dragon (as features in the parade)

And last but not least the Castle to Chateau is as beautiful as ever

The team can not wait to see these in the flesh (so to speak) .. and every medal we earn will be heading to the Incredible Feel the Force Day on the 6th of October . If you are thinking of going, please make sure you grab your tickets as they will sell out quickly .. a bargain at just £4 – carers go free.

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Medal image

Game of Thrones star – Disability charities ‘on the brink of a crisis’

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington (who playes Jon Snow) speaks out.

Disability charities ‘on the brink of a crisis’

In this candid  interview witk Channel 4 News, Kit talks  about how his cousin’s learning disabilities helped him to see the stigma around disability and the financial challenges affecting charities that care for people who are severely disabled. He is working with charities such as mencap to raise awareness of some of the issues that charities are facing.

Well worth the 9 mins to watch and good on him for using his fame to raise awareness of this issue.


What is Feel the Force Day

We talk about them a lot on this site, on twitter and facebook but What is Feel the Force Day?

One of the reasons FEEL THE FORCE DAY exists is to make it possible for guests with disabilities to enjoy a sci-fi convention / comic con in the same manner as (and I hate to use this word) normal guest. Not all disabilities are visible and some are very visible – so the amazing team at FEEL THE FORCE DAY put on an event that EVERYONE can feel comfortable at.

FTFD events are accessible for wheelchairs and scooters of all shapes and sizes, aisles are wide to allow guests with walking aids to pass, tables are at a height that chairs and shorter guests can access. There are sensory rooms and touch tables for guests with visual or hearing problems, quiet rooms for guests who are anxious, autistic and have other issues with noise and crowds. Guests are encouraged to touch props and costumes – it is a festival of sound and vision, touch and taste – something for all the senses – even if that means very quiet and one on one experience.

Feel the Force day was thought up by two lovely chaps – Simon and JJ.

The lovely Simon
The also lovely JJ










They know about the daily struggles that people with disabilities have as Si’s brother Matt is in a chair and JJ works with many people with lots of disabilities including the lovely Jimmy who is blind and deaf.


Matt fundraising for FTFD









A group of us are running to raise money for Feel the Force Day –  6 of us are spending a weekend at Disneyland Paris running a combination of races and hoping to have run  almost 100 km between us over the weekend.

This includes 3 of us who are running the 5k – at 8pm on the Friday night, followed by the 10k – at 7am on the Saturday morning.

Last year 2 of us managed to raise over a thousand English pounds for this amazing cause and we would love to raise a similar amount this year.

The money we raised was ploughed straight into the event – 6000 people attended the event last year and thanks to the donations they receive and the money we raised it allowed the low ticket price of £4 and all carers attended free. When you consider big comic cons and events in London and elsewhere around the country charge approx. £20 per adult (and carers have to buy a ticket) child tickets are not much cheaper and there are little to no facilities for guests that may need extra help or accessibility.

We are SO passionate about this cause and so are the people who are running alongside me. If you can help in anyway please head over to our just giving page – http://bit.ly/run4ftfd17 and share this post if you can to help us raise more money.

Thank you so much for your support