November 2018 Blog/Vlog

Here you can find our vlog / podcast for November 2018

Blog Transcript

Hello – Sharon James here from the Run 4 Feel the Force Day team ..

Welcome to the first in what we are hoping to be a regular (ish) vlog/podcast series for Run for Feel the Force Day.

This is just a quick update on what has occurred since the Magic Run Weekend back in September.

Firstly the team would like to thank everyone that sponsored us and for all the kind words and support for this year. Magic Run Weekend 3 was a little difference than the previous years the team had been, as Ben and I took part in the 36k challenge. This involved us doing the 5k at 8pm on Friday night, the 10k at 7am on Saturday morning and finally (ha) the half marathon (which is 21k) at 7am on Sunday morning – and it was tough. Sam and James also did the 5k and the 10k, so the first 2 races were a real team effort. Ben and I sang and danced our way around a very damp, chilly 21k on Sunday and it was an amazing experience. Between Sam being incredibly proud of what we all achieved and the fact we hit our £1,000 target – Sam was left in tears and  speechless twice in 1 day, which is impressive ?

So after our epic run weekend – we had a few days to recover and then we packed up and headed off to Peterborough for Feel the Force Day 6. Si and JJ made space so that the Run 4 Feel the Force Day team could have a display table, where we proudly had on show medals from the past 3 years of race weekends, all of the t-shirts and other memorabilia we had acquired. Sam had whipped up a presentation book of the story so far with photos, bibs, maps, etc and info about the race weekend and all the fun it actually is.

I split my time between being Stitch and manning the table – Stitch had an awesome time as he always does at Feel the Force Day, especially the dancing with the Wild Cats dance troop on stage. Hundreds of people came past to talk to us about the run, what it is and why we did it. There was a HUGE amount of interest in it, so hopefully that is good news for more potential team members or help to promote the run and get us more sponsorship. We had a lot of people that wanted look or feel the medals and try them on – the whole point of us wanting to bring everything is so the medals could be seen up close and touched. Lots of guests with sight issues gave the medals the once over and I personally spent about half an hour with one girl describing the colours and material so she could get a better “look” at them. The medals are very tactile with a lot of good detail so they are great for blind guests to feel. Sam and Ben also had similar experiences whilst at the table with people asking where they could get more information. Our website and Facebook page is a good place to start – Our Facebook page is and our website is

Whilst at Feel the Force day we met the awesome Gary Callier ( from the Acorn Group), an incredibly talented local (to Peterborough) artist and businessman who has joined the team. Gary is ex forces so if he can’t whip us all into shape there is no hope for us! Gary is pencilled in to run the challenge with us for Magic Run Weekend 4 and has kindly offered to assist us with our logo and design requirements. He has already mocked up some ideas (which you can see here – for our visually impaired listeners, we have 2 designs, keeping the round feel the force day logo theme and style – 1 has stitch and a pirate, the other has mickey mouse, Donald duck and goofy running past the Disney castle), they are still work in progress but hopefully we will get a final design ready for the start of next year.

Our plans are to use the logo everywhere, so that is associated with us as a team raising funds for feel the force day. We are also planning to get t-shirts and hoodies for the team and to also make some badges and other small useful merch that we can sell and all the proceeds will go into the run 4 feel the force day sponsor pot for 2019.

We had such a great time with the table at Feel the Force Day that we would love to get it to as many comic cons / events as possible in 2019. If you know anyone that would kindly allow us to display the medals and have a small space for a tombola for Feel the Force Day please pass on our details or contact us via FB or our Website.

As well as Gary, we have another new team member – the lovely Amanda Martin. This will be her first Disney run weekend – let’s hope that she knows what she has let herself in for ?

Plans for 2019 – Magic Run Weekend 4

The prices for Magic Run Weekend 4 were released this week and there isn’t a massive price increase which is nice – as we fund our weekends individually

  • 5 KM: 38 € (35 € in 2018)
  • 10 km: 57 € (55 € in 2018)
  • Semi-Marathon: 75 € (75 € in 2018)
  • kids races: 13 € (12 € in 2018)
  • Challenge 31 k: 132 € (130 € in 2018)
  • Challenge 36 k: 170 € (165 € in 2018)

Packages from Disney can be booked now with Bibs/Races included. We are expecting the first phase of bibs to be released about Easter time.. the bib only release is always a moving goal with run Disney France – so Sam stalks all the social media and reliable sources to get the info as soon as its made public. When we know, you will know if you are thinking of joining us.

So we have a potential team of 6 so far – 5 of which will be running the 36k challenge. We are hoping the bigger team means more publicity and awareness raised and more money can be raised for Feel the Force Day.

With a bigger team and now we are ‘Old hands’ at this running lark, the plan is to be a bit more organised and professional (a term which I am using very loosely). We are looking to have some kind of “uniform” or team gear – which is basically a t-shirt and hoodie for before and after the runs, wearing at events and for those of us that don’t want to run in costume. It is early days yet, but we are hoping to use some of Gary’s designs and have the website address etc. Plans are a-foot to find a printer that can make us some good quality cost effective run wear – if you can recommend anyone we would love to hear from you.

Our aim for 2019 is to smash the £1,000 target. With a bigger team and more publicity we have optimistically raised our target to £1,500 – this will include money raised at events in costume with Stich, Ben the Pirate and friends, from the tombola and any merch sales – theoretically we should smash this target too , but we all know times are hard – and literally every penny counts so no matter how big or small – all donations and sponsorship amounts are greatly received with thanks.

Training proper is going to start after (or during) the Christmas break, giving us plenty of time for some real training this year. To be honest we haven’t made much of an effort in previous years, but that 36k challenge is a beast and we would like to enjoy it even more next time around.

We will report back after Christmas with more news and what we have been up to – see you then ? don’t forget you can sponsor our efforts at


Feel the Force Day 2018

Well what an amazing event we had ..  This was the first year that we had brought out the bling, and had a stand at any convention and what better place to start than the mighty Feel the Force Day.

This event is the reason why a team of us run our way around Disneyland Paris every September, the reason we are so passionate about getting as many people to support us, the reason Sam gets all Bob Geldoff on you every year – and it is quite simply amazing.

Ben worked late the friday night before the event to make the display stands for the medals (which looked amazing as you can see in the pic above). We took medals from the past 3 years, race tshirts and as much info, maps, bibs and photos that Sam could cram into a scrap book to show what the Magic Run Weekend is all about.

Every thing was laid out and ready and we thought a couple of people would come and have a chat but we weren’t expecting much. The stand was busy all day, with people interested in what what, where and why. So many people have said they would like to join the team or support us in some way and we lost count of the amount of people who thanked us and said they were proud of our achievement .. it was humbling and made every step worth while.

Highlights were .. well there were so many – Ben of course wore his Tinkerbell costume for part of the day which went down a storm, Stitch danced on stage with the wildcats dance group, Sam explained about the run about a million times and didn’t have to break out the Geldoff once 🙂 and we had the cutest little blind girl who came over and felt every medal whilst we explained what was on them, the colours and which race it was for .. she was lovely and exactly the reason we wanted to share our medals with everyone.

So we have decided that we would love to bring Run 4 Feel the Force day, all the info and medals to as many events between now and the next run weekend as possible. We already raise money inbetween runs as part of the East Kent Costume Club and at other conventions we attend as traders or cosplayers – but we would love to take the stand and Run 4 Feel the Force Day on the road.

If we can attend a convention near you please contact us and let us know. We only need a standard pitch to display the bling and run a small tombola. To spread the word about Feel the Force Day and the amazing work the team do, whilst publising the run and raising some funds would be fantastc.


2018 Medals

The 2018 Medals have been revealed and they really have pushed the boat out this year with the villans theme.

The kids races are themed around Stitch so he is the main feature of the Kids Race medal. The are still the lightweight rubber style which makes sense for the kids, but we are loving the design.

5k is Marvel villians so the theme is Thanos and the infinity stones – the lanyard features the Avengers logo and Thanos’ glove

10k is Disney villian side kicks and has a Hercules theme

The 21k (Half marathon) features a running Sorcerer Mickey with the Sleeping Beauty castle

31k challenge medal is Maleficent themed .. with the traditional disney villian purple and green themed lanyard

36k challange is all about the steampunk style mechanical dragon (as features in the parade)

And last but not least the Castle to Chateau is as beautiful as ever

The team can not wait to see these in the flesh (so to speak) .. and every medal we earn will be heading to the Incredible Feel the Force Day on the 6th of October . If you are thinking of going, please make sure you grab your tickets as they will sell out quickly .. a bargain at just £4 – carers go free.

You can donate or sponsor us buy clicking the donate button below

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