2019 medals – WOW !!!

As you can see from the image above the medals for 2019 are fantastic.

As promised the theme is adventures with all of the medals encompasing some kind of Disney Adventure.

Pictures of the medals are below, but we will describe them for our visually impared followers.

  • Kids Races – we have Peter Pan, Tinkerbell & the Lost boys in a very colourful lightweight rubber medal .
  • 5k – Is Lion King themed with a magesic lion head and a Rafiki lifing a baby Simba skyward. It is bronze in colour.
  • 10k – Has Rapunzel with Pascal on her head. It is a very vibrant gold and royal purple colour.
  • Half Marathon -Again has the castle as its center piece, but this year has minnie and mickey running across it.
  • 31k – Depicts the adventures of Aladdin, with Abu and the Carpet also featured. It is a dark silver and royal blue colour.
  • 36k – Standing proud on the 36k challenge medal is the Genie coming from his lamp. Again it has a royal blue theme but with the Genie and the lamp in gold.

2018 Medals

The 2018 Medals have been revealed and they really have pushed the boat out this year with the villans theme.

The kids races are themed around Stitch so he is the main feature of the Kids Race medal. The are still the lightweight rubber style which makes sense for the kids, but we are loving the design.

5k is Marvel villians so the theme is Thanos and the infinity stones – the lanyard features the Avengers logo and Thanos’ glove

10k is Disney villian side kicks and has a Hercules theme

The 21k (Half marathon) features a running Sorcerer Mickey with the Sleeping Beauty castle

31k challenge medal is Maleficent themed .. with the traditional disney villian purple and green themed lanyard

36k challange is all about the steampunk style mechanical dragon (as features in the parade)

And last but not least the Castle to Chateau is as beautiful as ever

The team can not wait to see these in the flesh (so to speak) .. and every medal we earn will be heading to the Incredible Feel the Force Day on the 6th of October . If you are thinking of going, please make sure you grab your tickets as they will sell out quickly .. a bargain at just £4 – carers go free.

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Medal image

2017 Paris Medals are revealed

WOW they are great .. following a fairytale theme and featuring the 25th anniversary the full set look stunning.er

  • Kids races feature mickey
  • 5k Lumière – following on from last years paris theme of Ratatouille – BUT this year the 5k medal will be metal
  • 10k Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty in front of her castle
  • Half – Mickey running in front of the castle
  • Bibbidi bobbidi boo challange (10k / half) feature Cinderella’s fairy godmother and the pumpkin
  • Castle to Chateau for those who have run a US run Disney half and the Paris half is an amazing piece of bling to be had.

Can’t wait to see them for real at the expo – You can read the full story on the Disney Parks Blog here
Of course more news as we get it 🙂