Meet the team – sam

Meet the team

1. tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Sam and I’m 46. This is my second year running at Disneyland Paris to raise money for Feel the Force Day

2. what’s your favourite disney character

I love the Disney villains particularly Ursula and the Evil Queen

3. why are you running to raise funds for feel the force day

I support Feel the Force day as the work Si and JJ do is unbelievable and bringing the sci fi conventions to everyone is a great achievement

4. what is the best thing about feel the force day for you

All of it 🙂 seriously its amazing

5. tell people why they should support feel the force day

Please donate what you can to Feel the Force day as what they achieve with what they’ve raised so far has been unbelievable and with more funds the sky really is the limit for Si and JJ


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