Sold out in less than an hour!

Bibs only went on sale at 3pm UK time yesterday (the 17th of April 2018) as has been the norm, there were issues with the website for bib sales almost instantly. We are members of a facebook group ( Run DV  an amazing group of walkers / runners and chEARleaders- who all support each other) and a whole group of us were eagerly poised to by up the bibs we all needed ..

Almost immediately there were issues and by 3:05pm the site was down 🙁 A very similar issue happened last year, which resulted in RunDisney actually postponing the bib release. After radio silence other than a quick update on social media 30 minutes later and the site was back up.  At just gone 4pm there were reports that the 36k challenge had sold out and by 4:30pm the only races available were the half and 10k – as seen here in a screen shot of the website taken this morning.

If you were out of luck the good news is you can still buy a race package from Disney themselves – so hotel, park tickets and race bibs – not the most cost affective way of attending, but if you are worried about not getting a bib in the race you wanted when they release them again, that is the best way to secure your place.

The 2nd round of bib only sales is rumored to be at somepoint in August! That may be leaving it a little late, as if it is the start of August (which there is no guarentee that it will be), that is only 6 weeks until race day.

If you haven’t secured a hotel place already then you may also be out of luck. Most of the partner and close offsite hotels are now booked out for the race weekend – so a package again may be the best way.

As soon as we get more news on potential bib sales again we will let you know. For the offical info  – check the bib only sales page or the package information page.

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