2017 Paris Medals are revealed

WOW they are great .. following a fairytale theme and featuring the 25th anniversary the full set look stunning.er

  • Kids races feature mickey
  • 5k Lumière – following on from last years paris theme of Ratatouille – BUT this year the 5k medal will be metal
  • 10k Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty in front of her castle
  • Half – Mickey running in front of the castle
  • Bibbidi bobbidi boo challange (10k / half) feature Cinderella’s fairy godmother and the pumpkin
  • Castle to Chateau for those who have run a US run Disney half and the Paris half is an amazing piece of bling to be had.

Can’t wait to see them for real at the expo – You can read the full story on the Disney Parks Blog here
Of course more news as we get it 🙂

10k bibs are also a sell out

At just gone 6:30pm the official run disney france twitter account announced that thw 10k race was also sold out. If you haven’t already got your bib by now unfortunately you won’t be racing in the 10k.

The challange medal race for the 10k & half is also a sell out, so it just looks like half bibs are left, but for how long?

Bib sale back open

The bib only sale finally started again on the 15th of June at 3pm UK time, although there was still massive issues. People were reporting of issues adding races to their baskets, registering accounts and checking out.

The system seemed to become stable at approx 7:30pm on the 15th and by 6:45 am this morning Run Disney France reported that all of the 5k and children’s race bibs are now sold out.

At this time 10k and half marathon bibs are still available so snap them up quick if you haven’t already. We will be keeping an eye on the twitter feed as they are mainly using that (albeit badly) for keeping us updated.

Fingers crossed that people get the bibs they need.

Bib only sale postponed

For those of you egerly awaiting the Bib only sale .. please don’t hold your breath ..

The bib only sale was due t commence at 3pm BST (4pm Paris time) .. after much browser refreshing and the site crashing some news came out via twitter .. due to technical issues todays bib only sales are now postponed .

BUT there has been no official announcement at all. Nothing to say they are postponed, nothing to say when the sale will start.

News we have at run4ftfd HQ has come from fellow runners who called the run disney help desk – they were told due to a technical issue the sale has been postponed. One was told until tonight or tomorrow, one was told tomorrow, someone else was told the 20th of June!!

Very little communication or info coming out of Run Disney or Run Disney France and a LOT of upset people.

If you consider that bibs went on sale in February last year, with a second batch available at easter time. This year we were initially told “Spring”, then “Easter time”, then the end of May .. now on bib release day its all gone terribly wrong with NO communication at all.

More news when we get it …

News on the bibs sale

For those of you waiting for the bibs to be released good news …

The latest coming out of the Run Disney camp is that the bibs will go on sale early June – there is no set date as yet, but if you have registered interest on the Run Disney Paris website here you will recieve an email closer to the time with when the bibs are on sale.

They should be released in batches again – but I wouldn’t hang about when they go on sale.

When we get more info we will let you know 🙂

News on the 2017 Bib Prices

The latest news we have on the 2017 bib prices are as follows

  • 5k. 35€ per person
  • 10k. 55€ per person
  • 75€ per person

Still no news on when the bibs go on sale – you can book a package now including hotel stay and park tickets, but if you want bib only the latest we here is the spring.  The spring could mean anything from March to June so lets see 🙂