2 DAYS to go !!!!!

Just 2 days until the team leave for DLP to get ready for the first run on friday night .. watch this awesome video from Feel the Force Day 3 – This will show why we are running to raise money for them.

Feel the Force Day events are all run by donations and volunteers, the costumers give up their time, no one gets paid and all money raised goes straight back in to the next event.


What does £4 get you at Feel the Force Day 5 on Saturday 30th September?
You can get your tickets at www.feeltheforceday.com/peterborough-2017
1. Access to all parts of the event.
2. Meet ALL 25 celebrities and take as many photos as you like.
3. Over 40 stands in the Market Place
4. Meet over 500 costumers
5. Have a go at being a Jedi – subject to availability…better get there quick!
6. Parking at the event – limited to the number of slots. First come, first serve!
7. Watch 9 professional and amateur stage shows
8. Access to exclusive event merchandise
9. A chill out room so you can take a load off
10. 1000 seats, including our new, upstairs, accessible seating areas for optimum views!
11. Film and TV cars…including a real life Bat Mobile!
12. Free entry for any active carers without the hassle of having to prove why!
13. A changing place…if you need it
14. A giant Stay Puft marshmallow man!
15. An entire room dedicated to allowing you to play with toys, models, props and materials
16. An Iron Throne!
You literally cannot get more comic con for less money!

Careres for guests with disabilities get in for free …

PLEASE sponsor us .. even £1, €1 or $1 really helps ..

Sponsor us here http://bit.ly/run4ftfd17

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